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Rino Publishing

Chocolate world

Presented by Essam Zamrick, the founder of Rino for Flavors &Food Industries in Damascus.
This Book provides true & real science that goes along with the professional art of chocolate industrial manufacturing information's.
Why this book should be obtained?
Because it:  
1- Recipes, many of which are savories.
2- Technical information, provided to help the reader to be a professional chocolate manufacturer.
3- The interesting method of presenting   experiences and knowledge in the filed of chocolate industry
"Chocolate world" provides a solid foundation for the chocophiles who

wants to try their hands either in kitchens or even in chocolate laboratories. Focus primary was placed on cocoa as the main raw material for chocolate industry.
It is billed as “The Ultimate Resource for the Syrian’s Favorite chocolate info”. All about Chocolate tries to do too much in too little space. 
"Chocolate world" gives, without a doubt, the finest introduction to the history of chocolate, from the Olmecs in Central Mexico to the modern day
"Chocolate world" is a unique hybrid of a book that combines information about the history of chocolate along with full information about how chocolate are produced, plus an overview of chocolate with different countries with many detailed recipes.
If you only have the budget for a single book about chocolate, this is a good one as it provides basic grounding in history and technique, with a broad sampling of recipes to try your hand at.
It explains in essay form, in simple terms, how most of chocolate products are produced.
It is obvious that this book can be considered Syrian chocolate industry "guide" for all those involved with the chocolate business. Beginning with ingredient, then equipment and packaging suppliers finalizing to manufacturers themselves, it is an essential desk-reference for all technical and scientific questions.
The entire book has been completely re-worked to reflect modern practice. New chapters have been added on chocolate panning, legislation and rework. The chapters on cocoa production, milk component cleaning, roasting and winnowing, particle size reduction, conching and non-conventional machines and processes have all been fully re-written. All other chapters have been updated to ensure improved comprehensive coverage of marketing and packaging, microbiology, quality control and environmental issues. Principles of chocolate manufacture are covered from the growing of cocoa beans to the packaging and marketing of the end product. Tables of important physical constants such as specific heat and density are included.

Review of Contents:

  • Traditional chocolate making: Cocoa beans, story  from tree to factory; Sugar and bulk sweetener
  • Milk Ingredients; Cleaning, roasting and winnowing; Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder; Particle size reduction.
  • Flavor development Chemistry in chocolate industry: Conching; Chocolate flow properties; Bulk chocolate handling; Chocolate temper; Tempering; Enrobers, moulding equipment and coolers; Chocolate panning; Chocolate rework; Vegetable fats; Recipes; Instrumentation; Microbiology and risk assessment of cocoa ingredients and chocolate; Packaging; Non-conventional machines and processes; Legislative aspects of chocolate manufacture; Chocolate marketing and other aspects of the confectionery industry worldwide; Future trends; Glossary; Useful conversion factors; Useful physical constants; Index.















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