• Established on 1991: devoted for importing wide range of raw materials
for food industries from most reliable sources around the world.
• expanding to produce food grade flavors; wide range; tailor made;
aimed for total customer satisfaction

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Food Industries Ingredients

As one of the most huge food ingredients suppliers in the Syrian market, RINO is  providing the following food ingredients with the best specification selected from the best manufacturers around the world:

- Special Fats & oils :
Rino supplies a range of oils and fats suitable for a variety of food applications. Some are non- hydrogenated and low in trans fatty acids (<1%) and others can be guaranteed to be free from Genetically Modified organisms (GMOs).

- Cocoa Butters :
either raw or pure prime pressed and expeller cocoa butters are deodorised to meet the customer's taste requirements. The cocoa butter is sourced from selected factories all around the world.

- Chocolate Fats : We supply chocolate fats that are fully compatible with cocoa butter and compliant with the European Union Chocolate Directive. These fats can be categorized in the following four Groups:

- CBE Group : These are true Cocoa Butter Equivalents which exactly match the physical and chemical characteristics of cocoa butter. They can be used in any proportion in milk or plain chocolate and be used to replace all cocoa butter in coatings.

- CBA Group : These are Cocoa Butter Alternatives designed for economy but able to be used in most chocolate applications replacing cocoa butter at a level of up to 5%.

- LMF Group :
These fats are ideal for chocolate formulations low in milk fat.

- CBI Group :
These fats are Cocoa Butter Improvers designed to make chocolate more bloom resistant, heat stable and more tolerant to the inclusion of high levels of milk fat. They can also improve the processing characteristics of chocolate by increasing speed of crystallization.

- Filling fats :
Rino can supply a wide range of filling fats based on palm fractions, which are naturally free from trans acids. All our filling fats are compatible with cocoa butter and any fat which migrates from a filling into a chocolate shell will not cause bloom, unlike lauric or hydrogenated fats. These fats can be categorized in the following four Groups:

- RMF Group :
rapid melting fats for cool-tasting fillings.

- Eco Group :
economical filling fats where the fastest melting is not required.

- Non-tempering filling fats Group :
These are special fats designed so they do not need tempering stage. 

- Hard group :
These are firm sharp melting fats for firm fillings.

- Soft Group :
These are filling fats for softer centres.

- Cocoa Butter Replacer fats :
In collaboration with a number of our raw material suppliers we can supply traditional cocoa butter substitutes (CBS) fats. These are fractionated lauric oils with a variety of melting profiles for application in compound chocolates with low cocoa butter content (<5%).

- Frying Oils :
Rino can supply frying oils based on palm olein. Apart from standard palm olein, Rino also supply:
Hydrogenated, winterized and hardened oils.

- General-purpose Fats :
Rino can also supply a range of general-purpose fats, mostly based on palm fractions. Typical applications would be for toffee or dough preparation.

- Trans Free Fats :
for healthy products.

- Cocoa powders and Cocoa Products:

Cocoa powder 10/12.
Cocoa powder 22/24.
Cocoa mass.

- Coconut oils:

RBD type or hydrogenated.
Rino technical staff will be happy to supply more details and help you in the selection of the most suitable fat for a given application.

- Malt & Soy Flours : Full fat Malt flours, Enzyme active malt flours, Roasted malt flours, Full fat soy flour, Standardized soy protein flours, Debittered soy flours and Enzyme active soy flour.

- Malt extracts: Rino can supply all types of malt extracts: fluid or powdered, enzyme active or highly flavored dark types.

- Coconut Desiccate : Rino can supply all types of Coconut Desiccate normal or low in fats.

- Dextrose & Lactose : The highest food grades can be supplied by Rino.
















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