• Established on 1991: devoted for importing wide range of raw materials
for food industries from most reliable sources around the world.
• expanding to produce food grade flavors; wide range; tailor made;
aimed for total customer satisfaction

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Ready mixes and decorates
Ready cake mixes:
Rino offers a whole range of mixes for sponges, cakes and other baked confectionery items. One thing they all have in common is consistency – not just in taste, but in behaviour too.
With Rino cake mixes, mouth-watering results are guaranteed, with all the classic textures one would expect from these specialties. And with Rino complete mixes and Easy bases, you can spend more time on finishing and decoration.

Rinowar® Syrups:
Get the wonderful taste with the attractive color from the family of Rinowar® Syrups; ready flavored colored topping sauces for ice cream and pastries. Depending on the desired taste.

Rino® Chantilly Cream:
Ready mix in powder form
Nabbag® Concentrated hot applied glazing:
Get the wonderful shining attractive luster gloss from our Nabbag®; The concentrated hot applied glazing.Win the long duration brightness and keep your pastry and decorative fruits fresh
Ready colored flavoured decorative coatings
Rino Couverture Chocolate:
Producing real chocolate is an art















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