• Established on 1991: devoted for importing wide range of raw materials
for food industries from most reliable sources around the world.
• expanding to produce food grade flavors; wide range; tailor made;
aimed for total customer satisfaction

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Special emulsifiers& stabilizers

Monozam (distilled monoglyceride E471) :
Monozam is a distilled monoglyceride which is a product of high purity
PGPR (Polyglycerol polyricinoleate E476) :
PGPR is a food emulsifier used in chocolate industry to control the viscosity of chocolate
STS (Sorbitan tristearate E492) :
STS is a special food emulsifier used mainly to control the crystal form of fats especially in chocolate manufacturing to prevent chocolate blooming
Lecithin E322 :
Lecithin is a mixture containing phospholipids as the major component and widely found in animals and plants. It has long been used as a natural emulsifier
Emulsifiers & stabilizers integrated systems (Ice cream Improvers):
There are too many defects that can be faced during and after manufacturing of Ice cream.
Our emulsifiers/stabilizers integrated systems are formulated to treat
















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