• Established on 1991: devoted for importing wide range of raw materials
for food industries from most reliable sources around the world.
• expanding to produce food grade flavors; wide range; tailor made;
aimed for total customer satisfaction

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Our Story :

Our company has been established since 1991 located in Damascus, the Syrian Capital. Completely devoted at the beginning for importing raw materials and food additives that are used in the majority of food industries such as: biscuits, chocolates, candies, dairy products, chewing gum, ice cream, icings, and pastries.It goes with out saying; that our main concern was and still in fulfilling our customers changing and increasing demands. Therefore, we are continuously looking for the most reliable sources around the world.
This to enable our dearest customers to enjoy the most profitable characteristics of our services: Finest qualities, cost effectiveness, and creative solutions for obstacles or problems they may face.

We are proud of being the first who introduced the food additives to the Syrian market. Our aim was not limited only in offering these products commercially, but we moreover provide the technical support as well. Therefore, we gave special interest to attend and participate in symposiums, conferences, research seminars and specialized food exhibits. So that we present the summary of our knowledge to our valued customers in an easy clear way; saving their time in searching information. Because of our work, (Chocolate world) was published and there still another books in other fields under preparation.

To satisfy the different tastes that may vary form one place to another; and encouraged by our valuable customers trust, we started producing flavors industry in 1997; aiming to introduce wide group of food flavors that  can be applied  in all food industries. we were and will be always ready to  amend in accordance with  the customer individual special requirement and taste.
Soon afterward, based on our slogan (your reliable partner for better food), we have started producing bread and bakeries improvers. Improvers are a wide expression which extends to include: Improver for bread (Arabic bread, baguette, Hamburger buns, French bread), improver of bakeries products (donuts, croissant, Puff pastries, Pizza Dough), and improvers for cakes (sponge cake, pound cake, multi layer cakes, Swiss rolls). In addition, we produce decorating agents (Glazing gel, flavored & colored topping syrups, ready toppings & fillings cream, and many other food decorating products).
Our product range expanded to include powdered foodstuff like baking powder, vanilla, ready cake mix, ready chantilly cream mix, law-calories sweetener...etc.
In addition to Flavors, we supply the highest-class essences aroma and perfumes applied in soap, detergents and cosmetics industries.
Apart of the food products, we have produced (Hand cleaner & sanitizer), the practical, effective, and excellently modern solution for hand cleaning and insurance of harmful germs killing when outdoor.
Our research & quality control department; supported with developed laboratories and modern analysis technologies, are supervising manufacturing process. That goes on according to a stable specification, and complying with food laws.
One of most important meanings of our slogan (your reliable  partner for better food) was and still:
Providing commodity is not the final goal, but also offering after selling services, especially technical support.  As we believe in: customer success is the measure of our success.
We still proceed to expand and to offer more and more of products and services for our honorable customers.















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